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Advanced Migration Services

Alcatex, Inc. solves the resource and logistical challenges of datacenter migrations by applying focused expertise and experience to standard, non-standard, and heterogeneous environments while minimizing impact to operations. Our Advanced Data center Migration Services (ADMS) covers the migration of a wide array of operating systems from one environment to alternate environments including public and private clouds. ADMS also includes a custom developed, comprehensive datacenter migration methodology that handles all technical and physical aspects of a datacenter relocation.

When to Consider Datacenter Migrations
The following are typical scenarios where datacenter migration services are required:

• Migrations into Public and/or Private Clouds
• Data center Relocations
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Storage Array Refresh and Consolidations
• Virtualization - Physical / Virtual Server Conversions (P2V, V2V, V2P)
• Operating System Migrations or Hypervisor Implementations
• Consolidating Facilities, Adding DR Sites, Diversifying Footprints.

Service Details
ADMS delivers the following end to end migration services with limited impact to the production environment:

• Solution Architecture
• Planning, Inventory and Assessments
• Target Facility Design
• Origin and Target Mapping and Elevations
• Labeling Standards
• Infrastructure Build-out
• Solution Implementation
• Data Migration and Physical Relocation Execution
• Monitoring
• Audit and Analyze
• Go Live.

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