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Data Center Design

Alcatex provides the critical steps and considerations for developing a Data Center Design.  Determining reliability and redundancy needs through designing the Critical Infrastructure Systems.

Cooling Innovations as well as Power and Energy Efficiency are two major factors today in designing a Data Center.  Implementing DCIM Solutions at the design stage is now a critical step for making better decisions in the future regarding projects.

Preventing the possibility of unplanned downtime, Alcatex also provides Commissioning Services to ensure that Mission Critical Equipment is properly installed and systems are fully integrated.


Data Center Build

In a recent study of Corporate and Institutional Data Center Professionals, they were asked:    “If you were to expand your Data Center footprint in the next 12-24 months, which would you likely do?

47% of those polled stated they would “Build” a new Data Center space.
28% stated they would renovate or Re-build their Data Center space.
25% stated they would Lease space.

While these numbers vary depending on the poll, one thing is certain: With Data Center traffic estimated to TRIPLE by 2018, Data Center owners are turning to a variety of options to help answer their demand. Some will add servers and virtualize.  However, a much greater percentage WILL Build or renovate their Data Center Space.

With Mission Critical Tier I thru Tier IV projects in over 30 States, let Alcatex and our professional team work with you to build a state of the art, Energy Efficient Data Center ready to keep up with this ever changing accelerated Environment.