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2014 Alcatex Annual Fishing Excursion - SHARK WEEK!

Posted by Allison Boen

Thu, 31 Jul, 2014 @ 04:45 PM

Sharks weren't prepared for the sheer devestation that Alcatex brought to the Gulf of Mexico last week for our annual Alcatex Deep Sea Fishing trip!

                         2014 fishing 3 

        Alcatex was pleased to have a few of our valued customers attending the trip! 

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 Here is the entire catch! (We actually had to give some away because the fishing skills are too great)

                             describe the image

                                     And here is the Catch of the day!

                                   (Carlton Griffis and his son, Carlton IV)


For those of you that missed this year's annual trip, plan for June 28th of 2015!


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"Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!"

Posted by Carlton Griffis

Thu, 13 Feb, 2014 @ 09:56 PM

I had the opportunity to visit a large Data Center the other day for a survey to provide evaluation of the existing Data Center Infrastructure equipment.

While on the tour, I noticed the server racks had cooling coils mounted on the back doors, some two, some three. As I investigated, I noticed that there were many unusual risky elements that could cause significant damage as well as potentially shut down the entire operation in the event of failure. At this point, I decided to stop counting all the potential risks and looked at the system from an objective point of view. That is when I realized that I had stumbled upon another trend”. The proverbial magic serum that cures all that ails in a single bottle. 

milliken snakeoil 300x272

This was unfortunately one of the many cooling solutions that swept the industry in the last few decades, and like many of those solutions, they no longer exist. This particular Customer searched the nation for all the spare parts they could buy to postpone the inevitable expenditure for a modern solution upgrade.

For now, I feel vindicated. Call me Old School, but I have always sided with proven technology, relying on the products and solutions that have experienced the maximum reliability and longevity. But keep in mind, there are only a handful of companies that meet this criteria and I have lost several projects in the past to widget dealers proposing these “trends” as the next best thing in the industry. (Who remembers Mr. Haney?)

This said, I am not completely negative about new technology and ideas that are presented as potential solutions to the Data Center. I have seen many of great ideas that should and could work, but, to me, most still fall into the category of  trends”. 

If we want to remain strong in this industry, we must continue to provide rock solid, proven technological solutions that will allow us, and the companies we support, to sleep comfortably at night and not worry about the choices we make.

Whatever you do... "Don't Drink the Kool Aid"