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1475 KW Caterpillar Generator: Rare find!

Posted by Allison Boen

Thu, 09 Mar, 2017 @ 10:54 PM

With Spring right around the corner, April showers and Tornado Season approaches. Backup power and UPS units are extremely vital in the performance of major companies during such times, and preparations are being made.

Current back-up generator availability shows a 2012 model Caterpillar XQ1475G Natural Gas Power Module.


This particular unit produces 1475 Kilowatts at either 50 or 60HZ. With a mere 3750 hours and loaded on a trailer that is ready for delivery, this is a rare deal that should be heavily considered by all Companies preparing for the coming months. 

For more information on this unit and other units, please contact Allison at allisonb@alcatexinc.com or visit our Inventory page HERE.